Application processing is delayed by about one week. We are working to process applications as quickly as possible. If you have NOT heard back from us in 2 weeks, please call us or email us.

Application Process

  • If you are interested in membership please fill out an online application.

  • After we review your application, we will contact you to schedule a tour. The tour provides an overview of the Clubhouse. Release of information forms are asked to be completed at the end of the tour. (please bring provider’s information such as name, phone number, fax number and/or email address). 

  • To be able to become a member, a referral form is required to be filled out by a licensed provider. The form is available online. Once received, the potential member would start orientation. On the first day of orientation, you will become a member. 

  • For orientation, each new member will spend time in each unit to learn about Clubhouse and what being a member is all about. 


Other important things to know:

  • There are no dues or fees, membership is free and lasts a lifetime.

  • As a new member, you are welcome to come any time the Clubhouse is open.

  • All information is kept confidential.